Overseas Maker List

DTS DTS France Explosion-proof type fluorescent lamp, floodlight projector, siren, white heat apparatus, handler Mp Warningrait, connected box, control box, and another cable run apparatus
GLAMOX INTERNATIONAL AS GLAMOX INTERNATIONAL AS Norway Fluorescent illuminator, white heat illuminator, decoration light, down light, floodlight projector, emergency illuminator, electric machine heater, and road apparatus and others various apparatuses
NORSELIGHT AS NORSELIGHT AS Norway Searchlight, floodlight projector, white heat illuminator, ship's light, signal light, electric heater signal light column, explosion-proof type floodlight projector, and fluorescent lamp
Hovik lys Hovik lys Norway White heat illuminator, decoration light, and down light spotlight wall light floor stand and others
GEWISS GEWISS Italy Switch plug socket outlet, push button switch, floodlight projector, and various illuminator and otherss
CLIFFORD & SNELL CLIFFORD & SNELL Britain Explosion-proof type siren, audiovisual signal, polychrome sound warning machine, and xenon flash light
MENNEKES MENNEKES Germany Plug socket outlet power post
IDRM IDRM France Explosion-proof type compact flourescent lamp led module, mercury, sodium lighting fixtures, junction box, switch, flush light and another.
SEMCO MARITIME SEMCO MARITIME Denmark Explosion-proof type siren, audiovisual signal, multicolor sound alarm, xenon beacon and led beacon.
LIGHTGRAPHIX LTD LIGHTGRAPHIX LTD England Exterior light, tree light, show case light, footlight, wall light and small ceiling lamp.
MICA ELEKTRO OY LTD MICA ELEKTRO OY LTD Finland Explosion-proof type hand lump, special type hand lamp, Explosion-proof type head and helmet spotlight.
TRANBERG AS TRANBERG AS Norway Waterproof white heat illuminator, ship's light, signal lamp, searchlight, flood light, junction box, switch, plug and another cable run apparatus.
WISKA HOPPMANN&MULSOW GMBH WISKA HOPPMANN&MULSOW GMBH Germany Searchlight, signal lamp, flood light, incandecent type compact fluorescent tube light fixtures, HNA type plug, socket outlet, Explosion-proof type electrical path, lighting equipment and other.
HELLA MARINE HELLA MARINE Germany Ship's light, flood light, Exterior light, white heat illuminator, switch panel and other.
APPLETON APPLETON America Explosion-proof type lighting equipment, explosion-proof type path equipment and other explosion-proof product.
SIRENA S.P.A SIRENA S.P.A Italy Motor siren, buzzer, Electronic horn, bell, revolving light, beacon light, flush light and other.
THE WOLF SAFETY LAMP COMPANY LTD THE WOLF SAFETY LAMP COMPANY LTD England waterproof and explosion-proof type hand lamp and air light.
DEN HAAN DEN HAAN Netherlands Ship's light, signal lamp, searchlight, flood light, air horn, Decorative lamp and other.